HLG 600 Rspec vs Spider Farmer SE 5000


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I'm looking for a light for my 4 x 4 flower tent. I've seen great things about both of these lights and was wondering what you all's opinion might be...
The SE5000 can hang about 12-16 inches closer to the canopy which is a huge plus.

HLG 600 Rspec
Power60-600 Watts
Voltage Range100-277 VAC 50-60Hz
LEDSamsung LM301H & Deep Red
Flowering Footprint5' x 5' at 28"
Veg Footprint6' x 6' at 40”
System PPF Efficacy2.60 μmol/joule
Total output1529 PPF
Dimensions26" x 21.5" x 2.75"
Recommended Mounting Height28-36 inches above canopy
CertificationsUL 8800, UL 1598, CSA

SF SE5000

Power480 Watts
LEDSamsung and Osram Diodes -
LED Spectrum380-410nm, 660-665nm, 730-740nm, 2800-3000k, 4800-5000k
Flowering4 x 4
Veg4 x 4
System PPF Efficacy2.75umol/joule
Total Output1317.4 PPF
Dimensions35" x 34" x 4"
Mounting Height12" - 28"

Currently the SE5000 prices out at $100 less than the 600Rspec.
This will be the last light I buy for another year at least, so I want to make sure that it will last and be a light that gets the best out of my space.

Also, If you have other recommendations that might work better I am all ears. I've looked into Gavita but they are priced a little out of my range. The most I could do is just over $700.

Appreciate you all, and an early thanks for advice. 👊


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Owning both a SF and an HLG light I can tell you the build quality in the HLG is definitely superior. Also, they have customer service. SpiderFarmers customer service is essentially non existent. That being said they both grow weed just fine. But if the $100 isn't a deal breaker, I'd go with the HLG any day myself.


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Grow light is one of the biggest investment in your sucess growing indoors , if it was me I wouldn’t go ”cheap” route Cause even if budget you can always have a smaller grow first round and then expand it with another one later

thing is I think it’s funny SF and many brands even without any model differance on HLG releases a new light or update to it like within a week will rebrand or change their specs. Seriously they have done it multiple times and it’s interesting they always claim it’s just a little better, like many of the Chinese cheaper brands do

i Could see if your trying to trial actually growing or not sure if your using these products in the future it would be worth buying cheaper, I just know for a fact aftering buying over 13 lights from hlg, their shipping is ultra fast, their tech support is fully knowledable and def know their products and if you have any issues or questions they can and will witjout long waits or a % taken from you or make you even pay for the shipping.

When I had a refurbished 650r be sent to me and when I opened it the ballast and wires from the dimmer were ripped out, not omly do they package for prevention is great compared to many brands I’ve dealt with. It’s obviously the shipping’s sides fault

not only did they send me a new light before receiving the damaged one. they sent me a reship prepaid slip to ups so I didn’t have to pay for reshipping!

I did ask hlg why do you guys have refurbished for sale , do you guys have a lot of faulty %?

hlg as a answer to such said over 90% of the “ refurbished“ it’s the box that’s damaged and since their policy says you got a certain time frame people refuse to receive it and they resend it back. Well hlg makes sure the lights work none the less by a basic visual and then a testing of ten light on like they do when they manufacture to make sure the light is up to their standards.

only con for refurbishedu it’s from hlg is less warranty time ( 1 year vs 3 years ) and thing is a company can say lifetime or any year but if they don’t back their products or have you pay for parts or % none the less, is that really a “warranty “if it’s not the user that damages it ? i was down in doing all my 650r’s this way and my guess is they will last the 3-5+years np. Another note to 1 year vs e years is loo\k st most diy, they are 1 year or none . I don’t see it as a big deal snd I wouldn’t be surprised hlg would be willing to repair it if it’s not diy for a small fee ( never asked )

if you need a good 4x4 light, I would get the eco hlg 550 refurbished at 499 , than if you add the promo code DUDE that will give you another 10% or any of their lights .

if it was me I would spend the extra for a light since they actually have legit light tests and is using Samsung certified qb’s. Honestly my biggest disappoint on hlg I didn’t have anymore room to add more lights cause their lights are legit and my biggest mistake is trying to buy bad brands and having faults or not what they claim
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Thank you to both of you... @Gentlemancorpse @BH

That is exactly the info I was looking for. I already did my trial run with the first light I ever bought...Mars Hydro TS3000. I wanted to make sure this was something I wanted to do for the "long haul", as the ubiquitous they say...It worked fine for my first run and I am using it for the second now, however...

Being that it turns out I love doing this I saved some money and want something that will last and honestly, just do better than the MH.

I went with HLG for my veg tent..I've got the HLG 65 V2 and the HLG 100 V2. 3 separate chambers in that tent...I love them so far and have been leaning toward their gear...but I didn't want to just stick with one brand out of misplaced loyalty. So, I wanted you all's opinion...I've see some of what you all put out and figure you've done a lot of the testing yourselves on what lights work best. No need to try and reinvent and whatnot. Whatever is the best for my money is what I want to use. The best product I can get with the space I have...

In general I have heard good things about SF and just want to make sure I don't go with one over the other for no reason...that being said, most people I trust have gone HLG. I had not paid much attention to the refurbished options and will definitely take a look at that. The HLG 550 seems like it would work perfectly in my tent, and it's less money than either of the two I had picked out.

Very much appreciate all the info fellas!!
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