How do you clean your grow room ?


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I was going to do a complete clean with about 1 cup bleach to 3 gallons water.....then after it dries about 5% peroxide top to bottom clean...then i would think it should be clean but...

Is there something else you do? Steamer is out i cant find the thing..
Sounds dam good . I use a pre watered down bleach spray from the dollar store . And wipe w moist towel after .


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Weekly maintenance:

h202 35% concentration reduced to 3% and applied in 3 gal commercial mop bucket + mop than than 1-2 gal’s or w/e needed for room sprayed on walls and misc ( ladders, tools, anything that can get contaminated )

mop everything and when you get the region in Square you wouldn’t be able to walk = spray the whole walls and anything needed . big thing I learned is long term fighting defense so I then use a virusicide (physan 20 @ 1.5 tablespoon per gal) and that will kill molds and protect for 14 days , awesome stuff and I recommend that for all cleaning of ag use cause bleach is not ag certified and dangerous and does not protect beyond but a limited small amount of time.

apply physan 20 on everything you for h2o2 and you will be game and you don’t need to remove it. Let it air dry and that’s the best way (Minimum 15 min)


air protection =
this technology will kill 99.9% ( voc, molds, virus and smells) if picked proper square feet model . a Filter cannot do what this can and this isn’t ozone, air quality is so needed and growers forget that.

airoclean (same tech, USA version , NASA and FDA supported unit)


imbetween grows

i pressure wash my flood tales or anything that needs cause of hard grum, than h202 3%. than the room gets cleaned like listed above ( mopped, scrubbed cleaned ) instead of using physan 20

prokure v is what I use for guratee or clean of all virus, bugs, mold and anything contaminated . This stuff is the Ultimate cleaner but costly ( I rather have a clean room vs future problem or worse % efficiently)


treating your plants:
I never touch my plants ”bare handed “ and inbetween I always I always re-santiliz myself (hands or tools used) with 70% iso . Key is treat every plant you are in contact in your room as a patient as you are a doctor or ya can infect them if you touch them ( since viruses and pest can do such)

so many people don’t do that precaution no wonder we have dudding and issues in cannabis. Too many % in the industry for me to trust anyone but myself to keep c;ean stock .

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I was going to do a complete clean with about 1 cup bleach to 3 gallons water.....then after it dries about 5% peroxide top to bottom clean...then i would think it should be clean but...

Is there something else you do? Steamer is out i cant find the thing..
I like to use a solution of iso and water to keep my floors and walls clean... since i run perpetual, I dont really have time in between flips to sterilize, so I try to stay as clean as possible... I also got one of those little shark vacs to clean up coco and dead plant material from corners and stuff, its been a night and day difference since I stopped giving food to the microbes lol...


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I know that vinegar kills much better than bleach if you're going after mold. Just cleaned both in Sept and I did first round with bleach, then washed again with vinegar. Then I blasted all surfaces with the vinegar in a Dep spray bottle......and closed the tent on those fumes.
3 parts vinegar to 1 part water


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Thanks !

I like peroxide and water and i have 3 gallons of 3% from the last food grade bottle i diluted. I will mix it up tomorrow and maybe get lights and flood tables put where i think they should i can play around with placement.

the room is 5 foot 8 wide x 10 feet by 5 foot 10 to the ceiling joist

I will clean the tents and the veg room as well with the same stuff.


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For thrip ipm

Veg stage -3/4 week of bloom and “knock out”

I would suggest conserve sc (spinosad)

Than mix with venerate xc (biocontrol)

After 3/4th week , continue with only venerate xc up till harvest as a good defense


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Spinosad is illegal in Canada and until that border opens im outa luck. That would have fixed it but its hard on bees.

So its neem cakes and sprays in veg and wetting agents to keep it all clean throughout.


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Here’s a allowed tool in Canada :
than mix together

great combo for 100+ soft bodied ipm and will make the insects not be able to reproduce and will repel them successfully np.

after 3/4th week, only use botaniguard 22 wp as a ipm , I apply my biocontrols ipm up to last week and all my stuff is lab tested and always successful. Biggest suggestion is with ay of these is they don’t give you a wrong agent . If it was me using them = use yucca and a[ply 1-3 hours before lights are on
I sterilize all my equipment with h202 then physan 20, I scrub the room and everything in it with physan 20 as well, after I run my sulfur burner for a few hours with the temp cranked up to about 110 I'll let that go for about 4 hours then pump all that stank outside. It's worked pretty well so far no PM till someone brought it in and 0 bud rot, I figured the sulfur and high temps will get all the nooks and crannies I missed
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