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I'm super excited to of found this site. None of my friends or relatives grow so getting started was a little bit of a mission at. I started growing because the medical dispensary prices in my state are outrageous and the flower quality is sub par most of the time compared to what i see online and when my friends who travel alot bring me back little samples from arount the country. I started using medical marijuana to help with my opiate detox. Im 30 years old and had been prescribed opiates daily from the time i was 13 from a car accident and chronic lung problems that turned out not to be lung problems but a muscle problem in my diaphram that is now fixed. as most addicts i ended up getting caught abusing my medication and got cut so i went to the street and ruined my life for the next 8 years. Im 4 years clean from opiates and ive had a hell of a battle with just replacing one drug for another but someone said i needed a hobby and I have always loved plants so I figured why not save a few bucks and keep my hands busy but never did i think this would be as therapeutic as it is. I started out to just save money and so far i haven't even had a successful harvest but i absolutelyy love it and haven't thought about other drugs at all I haven't touched anything but THC and CBD since march and its wonderful. Life is looking good. So before getting here I did a lot of research on grow weed easy and IlGM (you know the generic sites that give you the basics and the rest is up to me to figure out) well I now have a nice sized 3'x8' grow space with a divider in the center and a little side table to help me keep organized in there. a mars hydro TS 600w and a 1000w blurple LED and a 3 spectrum seedling LED which is only 32 watt but i only use it on the blue/white spectrum. so far i have 2 autos 3 fems and 2 bag seeds i started way back in march that i have been experimenting with on different topping techniques.. this site is awesome and i cant thank all the moderators and admins enough for getting this treasure trove of knowledge together for us novice growers. I was completely lost on a deficiency and couldn't find the correct solution on any of those generic site but here someone was talking about micro nutrient deficiencies come to find out i was only watering with bottled water and i think that somehow caused a sulfur deficiency which i never heard of on any of the other sites so here i was messing my plant up by giving it too clean of water when i should of just been using my shit ass tap water that smells like rotten eggs for the first minute you run it. it was a bitter sweet victory but i slap in the face that i still don't know shit and need help. so Im here to pretty much to be a sponge if i can help in anyway i will but i doubt i know anything yet that others don't here. thanks for allowing me to be part of this awesome community and I will be compiling a grow journal as best i can so i can at least pay forward the information I've obtained here also. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and keep it Hazy!


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Congrats stayin off the shit my dude. It’s been about that long for me also. ? you are among friends.
Growing helps with the Addicts mind.. forces your brain to change, teaching you about delayed gratification and incremental growth in general.
If you put just a little effort into anything really, daily.. fast forward a few months and you got results.. also taught me to enjoy the journey and the process to the point that the results are just bonus.
Plus you gots ta have a hobby..
or.. we could just sink into ourselves and the futility of our existence and self destruct. ?‍♂️
at any rate, sure glad you found us ✌


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I love everything about your post: that you are actively working to improve yourself, that you have discovered the joy of growing as an activity on its own, that you put in time and effort independently on the newb sites to build a knowledge base, that you are analytical and already solving issues you have discovered. Even that you lurked for a month before posting shows wisdom, imo.

As another relative newcomer, I welcome you and wish you nothing but the best on your personal journey.

(I lied. I didn't love everything about your post. Needs paragraphs. ;) )


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Greetings @BigPretzel, welcome to pH. Sounds like a familiar story many can emphasize with. Strong cannabis does help with opioid withdrawals. It should be offered as an option more then it is.

This is a great community with support from all directions. Just look at the welcoming comity.

Shared advice is always a good thing. Personal research is important too. We all started somewhere. Enjoy your stay and enjoy the journey.


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Welcome @BigPretzel. Sounds like you've done some homework and are all in to continue the journey. Many of us have had battles with addiction and have found solace in the cultivation, learning, and sharing of this wonderful plant. I wish the "powers that be" would just finally realize (admit?) that it is the solution to so many ailments and just general well being. It is a plant FFS. Stick around, and your learning curve will be cut in half. did you find us?
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