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Not sure if we have any other mushroom hunters in the forums. I'm interested in the identification and finding of mushies. I live on 10 acres of woods and having multiple ravines I have lots of diffrent micro climates. I will post pics on what I have found. Last spring I believe I found pan subs but this was before I knew about spore printing. Later that summer I found pan foes due to brown print and straight lines on stipe. But in the picture I have of the assumed sub pan they seem to have a twisted stipe. Also found a cool boletus that bruises blue at the slightest touch.

Pan sub? Wish I got print. Not is a super common area for them but fit the bill.

20200503_171528.jpg 20190907_142919.jpg 20190907_142840.jpg 20200503_143816.jpg


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Ya they are one of my fave's. Even though I have a field guide I only eat what I "know" hehe (morels, chantrells, HoTW, etc).....See if there are some foray's in your area....a good place to learn whats in your area, what it looks like etc...



I love foraging for Morels, Chantrelles and Chicken of the Woods. Lots of them around these parts. I have never found too many magik mushrooms in the wild here though. In Florida back in the day for sure haha. I don't really take chances with wild mushrooms like I sometimes did in my younger days. Positive vibes...



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I'm not great with ID's on wild specimens, but no those are not Pan subs. Pretty sure they are not any pan species.
They look mature enough to have spores. Pan subs will have dark mottled gills and usually a darker " belted" ring on the cap.
The spores/prints on panaeolus subs and all of the active pans will be black. As far as I know.
Pan foenisecii are not active. They do have the brown/purple spore print you speak of and are one of the most common mushrooms found in yards around the USA.
Be careful, just a quick search and I found an amazing amount of mis-information on pan.foenisecii.

Beautiful Morels btw, and very cool bolete pics. It is amazing how fast they blue.


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Yes pan foes are common I have found them with brown spore print and I am aware there not active. Didnt know about the top ones again found in woods that is not common. I know of a couple people who have found some in yards. Again I'm not eating them, I'll just buy some lol. But it's a good knowledge to identify specimens for what ever reason lol. Also collect and Id rocks lol


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I think the dark ones are garnet but the lighter ones might be anhedral Crystal's. But yes lots of rose quart here. Need to get a gem tester. But ya let's see them. I'm decent at minerals I have found. Rocks can be tricky. Scratch test is one of the best ways.
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