What’s up guys figured I’d throw a journal up here since I’m back up and running in a bigger space.

before upgrading to a bigger space I grew in spacebuckets, these are grow spaces built inside 5 gallon buckets or various other plastic totes and containers using LED or CFL bulbs as a light source.


DB4ADFAA-22FE-4EE3-8D51-075B977A30B3.jpeg I plan to still utilize my 5 gallon bucket builds when space is needed.
This is a 27 gallon tote build for seedlings/clones using bridgelux gen 3 strips. These plants were started august 30th. All personal crosses 2 autos and 4 photoperiod.
After showing preflowers females were moved to 2 gallon hempy buckets and males were topped.
164EBC8F-C059-454E-978F-66480AF5BE15.jpeg Both females eventually needed to be moved to their own spaces while I waited for my new lights and materials to show up.

jumped the gun moving them too soon once I got my strips together, the initial plan was to use 8 Samsung strips and 2 qb96s.
0EA2B2F2-45AE-4CDE-89A5-052FC0B35AE2.jpeg I ended up throwing them under the 8 strips and 1 qb and then got lazy. As soon as this run is finished I plan on adding an additional 2 strips and the other qb96 so I can lower the heat all around.
and finally today. The auto flower turned out to be a very heavy sativa leaner that I just tucked to the side because the results were undesirable.


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P#1 today. Been slacking on the usual duties but the ladies in flower appear to be doing fine, this gal seems to be the chunkier out of the two, the frost is coming on now. Without looking at my notes or stickers I believe today is F32 4D59900F-FE34-4453-8CF9-61CE1AF204FD.jpeg
1A986F5A-A4C3-4666-BAF7-E62853EDCAF7.jpeg 75C3A072-15E6-4FF4-8A64-16CDC81CD0C1.jpeg

P#2 has taken the heavier feed better but the tip burn is appearing in the both of them, I believe a ppm meter is in order since I do plan on switching to an ebb and flow setup following reds guide.

Since I’m getting back up and running my veg bucket has been also getting neglected, I made the decision to cull the males I had so i can focus on a few production runs before attempting to further this cross.
I need to rehang my hydro buddies, clean up the area and top and clean up my mother plants a bit, one of them grew into the cfl bulb and got burnt.
I’m very frugal so a lot of the stuff I post will appear extremely jank at first until I decide an upgrade is in order.
This bubble clones came out to around $5 because I used some stuff I had around after I got my hands on an old keurig for free and tore it apart to get the pumps. 3752EC09-F014-450A-8BA6-2C42FF255F0F.jpeg
They’ve been in there for awhile so I topped them and plan to get that ebb and flow tote running for them soon.
This 55 gallon drum uses a 65 watt panel from budgetgrowlights, hydro buddies string lights and a CFL for lighting.
I use a pc fan for air circulation inside and an ac infinity muffin fan as an active exhaust.
If needed I can bring a plant through flower with this setup but it’ll be used as my veg chamber.

I recently changed this light schedule to a gas lantern routine and had a few of my experiments start to flower so I added the CFL to be on 24/7 Kind of defeats the purpose so I’ll most likely remove that soon and try again.

Don’t mind the mess, I usually keep it pretty clean and things will be business as usual soon.
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