Question IPM Spraying Impact on Beneficial Insects


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The Arbico Assassin Bug and Mantid Egg purchases did indeed result in a population of both in my backyard this year.

Nothing horrible, but still seeing a few thrips and thrip leaf damage currently. Would love to be spraying Plant Therapy and maybe some Spinosad at the moment for good measure.

Would doing so harm these new good guys?


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well I’ll email em and ask, don’t like to assume and woild feel really dumb if I give bad advice ! I’ll answer that soon (once e-mail is received)!

ethier way it’s a good thing to know


I'm curious about this myself; at times the beetles can become annoying, and I don't like spraying my plants unless I absolutely have to do it.

Mites are usually a non issue because of Ladybugs, but beetles are a different little monster. So far the plants needed a little squirt if the Captain Jack's.... I forgot the actual name, but it's the stuff they found in a Rum cask in the Caribbean years back. Lol what a description.
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