Is surface fungus caused by bone or blood meal beneficial to plant health?

Hi all
This is my first post so forgive me if this is common knowledge to the organic crowd, I haven't researched this topic.
I just wanted to get some opinions.

I have seen this surface fungus growing on my indoor plants where I'm using bone and blood meal as a topical amendment to promix
I use other amendments I am just assuming it's either the blood or bone meal that's causing this, am not really sure which.
Next potting I'll remember to make a test plant of one each with ot without to see

In the photos you can see some of the growth, the plants don't seem affected and the growth usually goes away after a couple waterings and forms a denser green fungus like in the last photo that also doesn't seem to negatively affect any plants. I've only used this top amendment technique for a few cycles and because it's not an issues I haven't really taken time to investigate the pro/con relationship of this kind of fungus. I'm assuming hopefully it's a good thing to have happen to create a more living soil situation.
I plan to move towards a cover mulch like rice husk but haven't sourced them yet which may or may not stop this or at least hide it from me. I also add bone and blood meal to the soil mix itself so this must be happening within the soil to some extent I assume.
Anyone with time and an opinion is welcome to chime in on this.

Happy farming. ??


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Jewels, this is a freshly rooted clone in brand new promix that I've added bone and blood meal to as well as organic dry fertilizer, I sprinkled a little bone and blood meal on the surface which is causing the growth.


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Very cool.

Amongst all the other processes, N cycle is a fast one.
There is Nitrifacation and DEnitrifacation cycles.
You could be popping a “N bubble“ there. Fresh mixes can flare, and cloning is done, by some, in the absence of N.

You didn’t ask for advice; I am just chatting about the weather here. I have an interest in the subject, and would enjoy hearing about your project.
Thanks for the input, I wasn't seeing any issues so pretty much a topic for discussion sake @Jewels, I've been watching the growth on a few cycles now and the plants seem fine. I am also adding Gaja green organic dry so maybe that's doing something @Willie I just assumed to bone and blood meal were most active. That's a good point about bacteria already in the soil.
I'm currently running shishkaberry-kish for my needs and hunting a few other strains for breeding.
The small net pots I put my new rooted clones into pass water easily so I've been top dressing those smaller plants to keep more of the inputs in the water and that's why I'm seeing the surface growth on those plants.

From what I've learned about beneficial bacteria my first though was oh goody. But thought I'd ask around since I joined the forum to chat about stuff like this ??


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Good choice @Saint Alfonzo . !
I was lucky enough to try some shiskaberry. One of the few times it actually smelled of booze in a baggie.

I really enjoy building soil. Sometimes, when working with the plants I see little chunks and bits of gardens past. The longer you work it, the more even it will get. There is a lot of action in the first few weeks.

Have you looked closely at your source water? Recipes that work for me , may not work for you.
I often see gratuitous amounts of lime suggested for mixes. Granted, if you are trying to digest black peat, it would come in handy. With my water, liming would be pouring soya sauce on a salt-lick.

Realistically, the needs of the cannabis are given. The role of the soil is given.
The only variable is the source water. The medium needs to address the water, not the plant. I have been fartzing around with this stuff for a while, still have'nt found a groove.

This was a rootball inspection from this week.
I saw those little guys when I was potting up for flower, in July.
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@Jewels cool little critters
I had tried building soil from local sources twice before and had good results but never was able to quantify the results so eventually moved to promix for cleanliness sake. I have a great interest in regenerative growing and really want to start reusing my soil mixes. So far I wash and reuse the soil outdoors and have had good luck. But eventually I'll run out of gardens outside. Or maybe not. Lol
I'd love to see worms crawling around in my plants and ladybugs too.
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