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I ran into this at a dispensary in Oklahoma....any info anyone??? All I can find online is that it's an underground breeder
I think your best bet on this one might be to inquire at the dispo for more info on genetics. In my experience, commecial facilities like to intentionally re-name shit so you have to keep coming back to them...


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Just happened to coincidentally see a post from 2015 where someone was running little dragon, but haven't seen more info yet.
Whadeezerig on Icmag was running it in his container grow. I'll let ya know if I see any lineage or breeder info, further in the thread.


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So I guess it's BTY OG x White Widow. Not sure if he made it himself, or who made it yet though. Seems he's got OK roots though, so maybe you actually sampled his cut?

Originally posted by whadeezlrg
"a shot of the Little Dragon(BTY OG x White Widow) just to keep it green. this is literally the stickiest weed to ever come out of my garden, teamwork rolling is a must. SC labs test came in at 29.9% thc...I'm not going to say I wasn't a bit disappointed to come in under 30% but I guess if I look at it like a game of horshoes than almost is good's some really good smoke though..."


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Nice thanks for the info it's still like a ghost ...same dispensary had more my neighbor had a cut like a year ago but it was before I tried it and wasn't hip lol he said it didnt yield shit but the guy he got the cut from doesn't have it ....still digging though


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Anything's possible, homie. Keep the chase up, and you might find "Deezy" on ICMag, or more likely IG these days. Haven't talked to him personally, or I'd hook you up. Best of luck... Actually sounds like a bad ass cross. WW was one of the first cuts I got from a buddy, and BTY has to be better than somebody's og, right?


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Me to whadeezerig:
Hey, what's up man? I was looking through your old container thread, and saw you were running little dragon. I see the parental lineage, but wondered who the breeder was? Hope all's going well in the garden lately...

his reply:

I don't know for sure, it used to be ran pretty hard by the crew that worked at my local hydro shop in the high desert 7-8 years ago...I think it came out of lucerne valley. There was one guy that had an old Cherokee that might have been the breeder but I'm not 100% sure, he was a cool dude that didn't work at the shop for too long.

that's what I got for ya so far, my man.
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