Landrace Seed Increase


Have you been looking for a male for a seed increase, but couldn't find such males which have greater pollen production?

Do not worry this Pakistani Hindu Kush male from the village ber Qamber, tirah Valley is ready to pollinate the F*k out of the females in the tent.

You might be thinking This selection of male is done solely due to its production of pollen, but there is more to this Landrace. The aroma is defined as sulfur, putrid and gassy with robust lemon zest notes and utterly hashy.

So, if you are seeking such results just don't keep on growing synonymous western hybrids. Successful breeders are making it only because of integration of landraces in Their produced strains since way back.
Then what are you waiting for?

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I have to say bro I'm so glad you're putting this effort in to keep these genetics pure, and cataloging them! From my own reading, it would appear that Afghanistan and Pakistan are some of the land race strains that can add that "acrid" smell, and as a fan of strains that are "stinky" thank you! Hope all is well :) Keep up the great work !!
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