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This pack was purchased by @OldG from Ace seeds, and will be ran as a preservation for the project!

Pakistan Chitral Kush

Chitral is widely known in the cannabis world as being producer of one of the best Pakistani hashes.
The Pakistan Chitral line we offer you here at ACE Seeds is an excellent pure kush bred since the mid-90’s by Cannabiogen.

This indica is an explosion of colors, tastes and scents with two main phenotypes: one green and the other very colorful. Both phenotypes produce plants with high adaptability, short
flowering time, generous resin production and pleasant hash plant effect.

Pakistan Chitral Kush is not only surprising due to its aroma, beauty and quality. It is also one of the few pure indicas that matures correctly even under rainy conditions, in contrast with most of the current afghani strains that easily rot under these conditions.

Pakistan Chitral Kush Standard is a true 'jewel' for the pure indica lovers and cannabis breeding.

Sativa / Indica ratio100 % indica
THC15-18 %
CBD0.07 %
CBG0.16 %
Flowering indoors8-9 weeks
Flowering outdoorsEnd of September
Resistance against spider mitesAverage-High
Resistance against powder mildewHigh
Resistance against botrytisHigh
Resistance against white flyHigh
Resistance against coldHigh
Resistance against heatHigh
Genetics100 % landrace indica from Chitral, pakistani Hindu Kush.
StructureIndica plant with average/short node length, wide leaves and columnar growth. Not as robust as the afghani indicas.
BouquetGreat diversity of sweet scents, always round and penetrating. Pleasant aroma of coffee, caramel, citrics, cherry, grape and forest fruits (strawberry and blackberry) chewing gum.
HighPleasant and relaxing hash plant effect of moderate potency and duration.
Terpene profileIt contains the following monoterpenes: very high geraniol content, followed by moderate amounts of terpinolene, and small amounts of limonene, beta pinene, terpinene, beta myrcene, alpha pinene, p cymene, eucalyptol, carene, cis ocimene and camphene. Sesquiterpenes: very high alpha humulene content, and moderate amounts of beta caryophyllene and nerolidol.
Growing TipsExcellent adaptability to indoor growing and to a wide range of outdoor climates: warm or cold, dry or wet.

Genetic analyses show that Pakistan Chitral Kush has a unique genotype, of moderate genetic variability, only showing direct kinship with other genetic samples from the same PCK family and with our Malawi x PCK hybrid.

Excellent breeding tool that has been successfully and widely used for breeding. When it is outcrossed, Pakistan Chitral easily adds lots of resistance against cold and fungi, lowering down flowering times, and also adding forest fruit terpenes and impressive colors to its hybrids.

We recommend moderate levels of nutrients for the whole cycle.
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