Lighting your grow room when it's "lights out".

My room is in a dark basement. I run a lot of HID wattage in my tents so I have many ports open to provide enough passive airflow. That made it a chore to go in and out of the room without exposing the non-ducted screen windows to light, or breaking a toe on something trying to leave the lights off.

I found my solution @ Menards today...
The bulbs are around 500 Lux @ the wall and measure .3 lux @ 24" away.

Just bright enough to see, but dim enough to not cause problems, hopefully.. (Excuse the mess, I'm revamping the area atm.)
Figure I'd pass on the info for anyone who grows in a darkroom like I do.
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My buddy did electrical work for some commercial grow spaces and they all did this... the flowering rooms all had an ante chamber where you would flip from yellow/white light to green, and there were green lights in the flower room as well, allowed their employees to work in the flower room during lights out... it's my dream to have that setup someday haha
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