Little Dabbies Grow Thread!

Dino Party

Is got bugs, But its not super bad thankfully. I'm having a hard time finding the little shits tbh there was like 1-2 on a cpl fan leafs and small bit of eggs.. hoping my lady bugs show up and take care of the rest before it becomes a huge issue.
oof spider mites? I got them fuckers its a constant battle but i'm winning right now. for the time being.


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Day 31 On the Chem 91.

man, that permafrost looks right up my alley. if the lineage is what is claimed, has to be some nice smoke for sure.
Had some issues getting them to germ / not damp off, Prolly not gonna pan out but i got 2 growing gave the rest away, bad start = not for me.

Day 29 for La Con.

Day 27 for Wedding Cake.

Around 30 more days till next harvest w00t! Middle of nov.


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@AlienAthena The Front Row Middle pot You can kinda see the name tag, thats the GG4 X GSC From CSI I was telling ya, Planted the same time as the rest of them but its short squat and fucking slow growing.

@coste You can see the two perma frosts, One of which is 13? days old and stuck in a jiffy pellet.. imma delete his ass. Not a good seed stock..

I see why people give away free seeds now :\
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