Mac crosses?


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Anybody in the US have the mac x aaw (apple alien warp) by @Rosinallday ? I have some adub s1s coming and I wanna do a PhenoHunt for the proper candidate. And maybe do a Chuck. This time intentional.
I have seeds for trade. View attachment 40169
I just finally found a few of those and plan on popping . Think they were the last he had . If I end up w pollen u are more than welcome tho? lemme know
It may finally be time! Now I know what a mac1 in flower looks like. Shit even veg , shes a slow sturdy framed beast of a plant. Very durable. Not good for pollen when reversed.
I see cap on beanbasement had a lomted r3lease of the f2. Before that I thought it was all just a myth.
I do have a few Mcslurry going thanks to my good friend @Frimpong , thanks for coming here. Ur one of a kindbrother!!
I do after the sweetmac cross I did . Def legit , check out them in my journal . Was unreal! Can't believe I didn't preserve her smh
Will do. Thats a fast moving journal you got!
I got these if you want'em
2 mac x aaw
a shit load of mac x dla5
from rosinallday
View attachment 40194
Mac x dla5 I ran outie this year. ? let the festivities commence ! Damn im FULL!! time to watch the cowgirls lose!! 1606420125702944575202779287694.jpg
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