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Just popped my first seeds from these guys 2 x triangle pupil. Waiting on some others to arrive. Will be running other strains of theirs as I have several in the vault. If you are or have grown out any pupils or other crosses feel free to share them with the rest of the community here.
My homie ran into some intersex expressions from their Pu Tang from seed. I have the Pu Tang cut that another homie gifted me a few months ago. She will be flowering in a week or so. Hopefully she runs smoothly, but if not, she will hit the trash just as fast as anything else. Good luck with your Triangle Pupil! Positive vibes...



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i was gifted a pack of some triangle pupil (TK x star pupil ) by @Frimpong (thank you)

so far they are looking good and 100% germinated , I’ll report later what the end results if I remember to at mid-end flower.

love anything With TK so I’m def excited <3
I’m still new at growing, i picked up a pack of platinum swabi punch feminized during one of the holiday sales. I popped 2 beans and both sprouted, I have 2 different phenos... this is the short pheno... leaves on top are bright green, but underneath is a pretty shade of purple. Not getting many terps from her, the ones I do get are completely unfamiliar to me... she is at 10 weeks pf. She is fairly frosty, the trich pic is from Tuesday. She is 10 weeks pf. B2877236-14AE-4632-8A4C-CB7CC52D7B61.jpeg 0C2D3569-41AB-4A96-B9E4-70B66B4DF411.png
Here is both platinum swabi punch phenos in same picture. Back left 10 weeks pf, right side is 7 weeks pf.I’ll get a better pic side by side when lights come on later. The front left is freakshow blackberry bread! At 3 weeks pf. Again I’m new to growing and think these ladies could have been grown better, I seem to get ph drop and lockout for a week in the 2-3week of flower. I did pick off one pollen sack on the tall pheno around 2.5 weeks pf. That could have easily been caused by me. D871145C-DDD1-435E-818A-F84BB7198480.jpeg
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