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Ok, I'm gonna start a thread of my canna buddies.
These are other medicines that we grow, usually outside but now will be experimenting inside alongside our favorite plants.
Because these medicines are very sensitive to photoperiod, requiring 10.5+ hours of daylight to germinate and grow through the seedling stages. Over 12 hour photoperiod and they will sprout but stop and eventually fail.
I know this from experience.
But they do require photoperiod manipulation to flower requiring 13.5 to 14 hours of light to finish for the flowering annual and a full summer before reduction for the perennial. So an interesting schedule to figure out as i go.
So, without further blabber.
The annual will be a mix of papaver's (flowers) and the annual will be the chinesse tea Ma Haung (shrub).
Both are considered as multi use indicating medicines. Both very important old world medicines before rx.
Ill be using HF soil cut 25% with coarse sand in Dixie cups for the flowers and HF cut 50% with course sand in flats for the shrubs.
Anywho, away we go.

Skunky Dunk Farms

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Ill choose seeds for the flowers from 3 distinctly differant pod shapes from last years open pollinated crop of 7 varieties of at least 5000 plants.
The dark purple to nearly black dried pods have the best medicine whereas the more tan pods would suffice for day use.

For the shrubs, they are seeds from a large farm in france i aquired a year ago.
Tried a batch last year without doing due dilligence as to methods and failed.
Controlled environment this round.
Let me mention that it used to be easy and economical to buy Ma Haung but as of the last few years its slowly being removed from access. Weve only grown from live plants but those are no longer available. So here we are.
Home grown.


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Im trying to figure out a good fan for this 2x4.
Saw this.
The temp and humidity controller is worth it alone.

I collected poppy seeds (ornamental) a few years ago, they sprouted but didn't flower.


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May have been from gmo seed?
Over the past 5 years we have grown many plants that will not reproduce viable seed.
Or sterile hybrid? I had 2 varieties going an oriental and something else with more and smaller flowers. IDK if either would have self pollinated.

Similar luck with a guardian lavender I hope @Mim Towls fronto takes.

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