Molasses in flower rez


Tilts at Tables
Good stuff bro.
Steady as she goes. That stuff is mostly a luxury food item for soil microbes.

My wife opens cans of Sprite and enjoys a sip or two; seemingly never more.
My compost pile has drunk cases of soda this summer.


Tilts at Tables
Read all the way down to the second customer question. Kinda sums it up and embarrasses their claims, as the literature would imply that that plant is directly uptaking their product. Which is not the case.

Yes, plants produce fruct/glucose- no, they wont drink it from a straw. Same as Humics.

Similar to some species of compost worms. They are not actually eating the vegetable scraps. The benefits to the plants are implied, the worms aerateing the soil, as they they consume the simple celled organisms that are consuming the compost.

As usual the product becomes the posterboy, when it is really only facilitating a small roll, in a whole tray of cinnamon bun.
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