Natural Mystic Pre-rolled (empty) cones


In Bloom
Natural Mystic rolling papers can be purchased on Amazon. I'm a little reluctant to tell everyone about them because it'll make it harder for myself to find them in the future, but I'm all about sharing information.

I prefer the 1 1/4'' over the king size because the king size is just too much to smoke in a session. I've tried both brown and white and both smoke the same.

I gravitated towards pre-rolled cones because all the hard work is done, filter included. All I have to do is grind up my herb and use one of the provided 'sticks' to pack it into the paper, takes less than a minute.

I pretty much smoke a joint every afternoon when I get home from work so I'd like to think I'm an accomplished smoker that can weigh in on various papers. I'd take these over RAW any day. They burn smooth and even. And no this is not a paid advertisement lol.
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