Need a simple logo made trade 4 genetics


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I need a simple logo made for me
I will trade you genetics for a logo that will be very easy to make. Direct message me if interested iam not asking for anything free i just figured i'd go to my people rather than some square.
Masha is probably not willing to trade genetics, but if you were looking for something inexpensive, I have used this service a few times now for random stuff... think I spend 35 bucks on each... She is receptive to your ideas, willing to make revisions, and just generally awesome to work with. - Masha's Studio -

These cost me 35 bucks each, and were finished within 3 days of ordering... She also sends a few different mockups to choose from. Hope this helps. Flow State Genetics 2.jpg Flow State Genetics 2.png LED GARDENERS 1.png
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