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I've been hitting the search engines trying to find definitive answers on this. Pretty basic question.

I have outdoor plants I'm looking to take cutting off of. Traditionally I've done all my cloning indoors, and don't want to deviate from what I know.

Can I bathe the clones in a neem solution before bringing them indoors? Not looking to introduce pests to a new, clean environment.


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if you have a 60x scope or better, I would scope them out if possible (you can see a lot), pretty sure you can "dip" into neem, spinosad, or a potassium soap (not sure about fresh). Love these kinds of questions..get too see so many other options you've never thought of..
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I have used a neem bath before taking cuttings to be brought indoor to root. I use a big plastic cup, dip the tips of branches and put a twist tie or label on the ones I dip and plan to cut.
After a day , I do the same with clean water to rinse any dead bugs or excess dust that sticks to the neem.
Then a light, but thorough, very fine misting of neem solution. Let dry and take cuts.

I usually keep the cuts in a quarantine for a few days as well. Checking carefully before exposing the rest of the garden to potential problems.

Agree w/ @Deebs , spinosad or potassium soap work well also, and might be better for a wider variety of pests. Good idea to scope it out closely before, and after.
Nothing worse than bringing in bad bugs to your indoor setup.
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