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Ok, question about the little pouches of nematodes.
How many do ya use in pots in a tent environment?
The pack says one pouch is good for 150 + sq ft.
Question is can you overpopulate your soil with them? Will the little critters hurt our plants in excess?


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ask a expert:
Not too long ago I heard you can crash tje benificial populations by adding too many of a specific nematode. Don't remember which one Hb, Sc...??

That is interesting, perhaps I'll just use as advised on these.
no dissing but incorrect on nematodes damaging existing beneficial bacteria/fungi

beneficial nematodes aren't in anyway looking for their meal on that and won't effect it. I called two diff bug experts and asked that question since google wasn't being good on a answer. both said in no way will it any harm to bacteria or fungi from beneficial nematodes.

key is to pre water you plants so u don't need as much just like a drench for ipm. than another key is to have the nematodes in there as less amount of time as possible ion fridge when u are not applying them in the Rez. another big thing is apply them at sunset/not direct light . light is nematodes enemy

good compatibility list:

best price and direct ship from maker of the nematodes. I would suggest over population or making bigger Rez batches and if you got two rooms, split the tray. the 50million vs 250 million price makes me never want to get the 50million ( 20 bucks 50 m vs 250 60 bucks) shipping cost is same and they have to do 1 or two day shipping so I always don't fuck around on that eh

great thrip/FG nematode
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