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Hi there fellow growers, breeders, chuckers. My name is Ohwolfie. I'm a member of far too many forums to remember. I have been growing since 2013, and have been making seeds since 2016. I got my start with some really good bagseed outdoors that my brother gave to me, and had really good success. Later that fall, I bought my first packs of seeds. I bought Hashberry, Mandala #1, 8 Miles High, and Mandala Safari Mix in preparation for the following year.

Unfortunately, that 2nd season didn't go very well, and I ended up losing every plant except 1. A so called friend who I kept around for way too long ended up killing my plants out of pure spite. He never admitted to it, but I knew that he'd done it. It was after that when I decided to grow indoors, so that I could keep an eye on my plants. I've grown indoors ever since.

Being that I live in a very red state, I've never grown a clone in my life. Everything I've ever grown has been from seed. I've grown a pretty good mix of commercial genetics, my own crosses, and crosses that friends have gifted me. At the moment, I'm growing out some Mendo Purps x 88G13HP, Blueberry x Whitaker Blues, (Blueberry x Whitaker Blues) x Blueberry, GDP, and Grape Limeade x BLR.

The Mendo Purps x 88G13HP are testers from Bodhi that I'm growing for the 2nd time. The WB x BB were gifted from Miraculous Meds from IC Mag, the GDP were gifted by my buddy Mystic Funk (Cryptic Labs), the Grape Limeade x BLR are from Eclectic Elegance, and the BB x WB/BB is a cross that I made using males from a different Blueberry line.

Anyway, it's awesome to be here, and I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone. I hope you all are saying safe out there. Times are getting pretty tough for everyone..


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Hey guys, sorry for the absence after my introduction. Been busy with offline stuff. Many thanks to @Srenots for the gear, and for the freebies he threw in. I have a ton of gear to get grown out, but I'll definitely do a grow and show when I do.
Looking forward to seeing some bud porn when you get em rolling on out.
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