Old new guy or something like that.


In Bloom
Thank for the welcomes everyone. I'm in negotiations all this week. But will start up my journal hopefully sometime this week. It's quite the cluster fuck.... all self induced...lol. but a somewhat entertaining list of what not to do. You know thise decisions to do stuff you know will cause nothing but problems ?

Nice to see you all again.


In Bloom
I just seen you posted this a wk ago...last Sunday....
Were waiting on you...lol good morning bro..
Get Off your ass and start something....
I'm back.....lol
Haha don't go easy in me bro. I would know its an imposter. Hope all is well... missed the shit of ya.

Here is where thw cluster fuck is today. Im moving 6 plants to a buddies. Lots to update and will start on Monday. 20201128_102234.jpg
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