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Remy LeGrow

Growing outdoors in SE Michigan for the third year. I have:
1x Northern Lights
1x Giesal
2x Afghan Skunk
2x Heavy Bud
2x Pepper Jack Haze
1x Watermelon Mama
1x Chembot
1x SkywalkerGhost x TriangleKush

The Chembot and Watermelon Mama will be in ground with amended soil. The rest will be in 30gal felt pots. Soil is from my compost heap. At the end of the season I dump all of the soil/roots back in the heap and add straw and organic scraps to rot into it. In the spring I either use it straight or mix with basic potting soil from the hardware store. Fertilizer is basic stuff from the hardware store. Ill edit the specific brand in when I get home.
I have an 8x10 greenhouse with an attached open air enclosure. Right now two plants, Watermelon mama and The Skywalker cross, are in the open air enclosure. The rest are in the greenhouse in small pots until I get more supplies. In the end I plan to have 3 plants in the greenhouse and the rest in the open air.

Watermelon mama and chembot were reg seeds that a friend started indoors in December 2020. They will both be in ground in the hopes that they will be monsters. Both spent the winter on my kitchen table in front of the windows. Both started flowering in March but re-vegged.
The Skywalker cross is a clone from a very successful plant I had last year. It spent the winter under my kitchen table under LEDs.
The Giesal is a clone from a friend here on the site.
The Northern Lights is I believe an S1 from my 2019 crop. I was breaking up the very last bud from that crop last winter and this one seed came out. It has shown female.
The rest are feminized seeds from seedsupreme.com, ordered this year. They were started in solo cups under LEDs in late March.
I use LST, mostly bending the upper stem and tying or taping it. If the plant doesn't respond then I'll top it and bend the secondaries when they get tall enough.
The pics here are a few weeks old. I'll get fresh ones later today.


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Remy LeGrow

Big day! Transplanted everything into final containers for the season. I have 1x each of Afghan skunk, Heavy bud and Pepper jack haze in the greenhouse in 10gal felt pots and the rest outside.
For the outside plants:

Watermelon mama - in ground amended soil
Chembot - in ground amended soil
Outdoor Heavy Bud - in ground amended soil
Outdoor Afghan Skunk - 20gal felt pot
Outdoor Pepperjack Haze - 20Gal felt pot
Northern Lights - 30gal felt pot
Skywalker cross - 30gal felt pot
Giesal - 30gal felt pot
Peanutbutter breath - 10gal felt pot
Runtz - 10 gal felt pot






Outdoor enclosure


I've managed to forget to take individual pics of the rest. It's just barely possible i was high. Anyway, I'll include them in a later post.


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Remy LeGrow

This is my soil mix. It started as potting soil from lowes. The 3.98 a bag stuff. At the end of my first season i put all the soil and rootballs into a pile and added straw. In the spring of 2020 I added 100lbs of fully rotted horse manure. After that season I put everything back in the pile and added more straw and vegetable scraps. This year I've added 200lbs of fresh 3.98\bag soil and more rotted straw. I intend to keep this going as many seasons as possible.

Remy LeGrow

This is my fertilizer. It was near the register at Lowes. StaGreen for Veg and Scotts Super bloom for flowering. I picked them because the Nitrogen and Phosphorus numbers were big. The internet assured me that it wouldn't work at all. Turns out it works great. I follow the label, 1 tablespoon per gallon, until July 1st. Then I go 2x or 3x that. August 15th I change to flowering and increase gradually to 2x-3x the label. I go through 5 or 6 tubs of each over the course of a season. The plants are vigorous and I've never had one show signs of over feeding. I do a 2 week flush at the end of the season before harvest.
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Remy LeGrow

Northern lights really responded to the LST nicely. It has two main branches with several secondary. I'm going to let it develop on its own from here on out.


I bent the top down on the outside Afghan Skunk to encourage the lower branches to catch up. I'm experimenting with several variations of this technique this year. The plants in the greenhouse will get more aggressive training to hopefully get them to bush out and not hit the ceiling, which has been a problem in the past.

This pepperjack haze plant stretched more than the others. I topped it a few days ago so we should be seeing it bush up a little more. It's greenhouse sister plant is quite a bit denser.

Chembot and Watermelon Mama from jinxproof genetics. These were given to me by a friend with an indoor grow. I dug two holes around 2 feet wide and deep then filled with my soil mix and planted. I think I'm going to just let them grow as they wish without training or pruning to see how big they get.

This Giesal was given to me as a cutting. I got it to root but it died back to a tiny green nub before making a comeback. It chose to make three main branches so I'm just going to let it express how it wants.


This is a clone from my SkywalkerGhostXTriangleKush plant from last year. The mother plant responded really well to bending the stems. it ended up over 9 feet tall so I'll be interested to see what happens.

This heavy bud is the last on planted directly in earth. I dug the hole a little shallower and filled with soil mix. It's currently my shortest plant but the secondary branches are starting to come up.


In Bloom
Looking good man. Take any cuts for preservation yet? Better get on it, if not, before flower kicks in!

That Skywalker cross seed plant just showed female, but I haven't started flowering her yet. I did take some cuts... Fingers crossed they root...

As you can see, my phone is back now. Weird ass problems yesterday, for sure, but hopefully it was just a glitch...
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