Outdoor SCROG?


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Is it worth it, have you done it, pros vs cons, etc?

The way is it, it would be beneficial to have all the canopy even and spread out for max airflow and even lightning throughout.

My buddy says it wouldn't make a difference because outdoors the sun rising hits everything equally, I disagree.

Any opinions one way or another?


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I feel like a traditional screen-over-top SCROG wouldn't suffice for a good full sized outdoor plant. You're going to have lots of laterals that need support too.

If you're going to run stakes to the top of the plant anyway, you might as well build up silos of 6x6" concrete mesh all the way up. That way you can reach into the 6x6 squares easier, and support from bottom to top.

Last I bought them, they were about $7 each, and were about 4 x 7ft. Calculate your needed height and circumference accordingly.


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I wouldn't bother with scrog. It's good indoors but when you grow trees it's counter productive. I use farm fencing at the start as I pop them through to let air and light in. Remember you want your plants to be strong in the wind etc. You just need to protect the big girls once you are close to light turning them into flowering. I like to pull them down and manipulate to let air and light in. Nowhere to the extent of scrog though. There is a couple of tree growing outdoor guys on here from North America. I'm sure they will pop in for their two bobs worth. Listen to those fellas, they know their stuff. I'm just a drunk convict from down Under.
However I hope my input helps with your decision
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