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So I plan on topping off my out door grow 25 gallon grow bags for the flowering phase. I was hoping to add something that would finish them off for the year. They should be starting to flower soon or within a few weeks I’m thinking. Any suggestions?


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Tha Dank Hoarder
rate @ 100 gal pot @ 1 cup each product (unless edited for spec product)

Roots organic: (read feed chart)
* Uprising Line ( slow release )
* Terp Tea ( fast release + compost feeding)
* Seabird/high phos bat guano ( mid flower)
* FUNGI/Benefical Bacteria inoculating:Bio-force + Oregonism XL @ 2T ( stop early flower and apply around ring of transplant and every 2 weeks onto or drench)
* Essential earth (humic/fulvic)
* Elemental (micro nutes)
* if plant needs more N: add a lil nitro bat guano ( high N Fert) and they will shut up ;)

* Crab/shrimp @ 1 cup each ( every 2 weeks, stop 4-6th week of flower) ( Benefit = Calcium + Chitin!)
* Worm Poop: 2-10 cups per 100 gal pot depending how fifty you want to be ( nothing better than good worm poop for the bacteria!, game changer )
tip on if your not doing worm farming and need worm poop, this place has prime and it has free shipping and way better than majority at hydro stores. I run out of my stock of my farms so I def vouch for brut cause their stuff is legit and great priced!

amazing info on worms,6hrs high level ag/gardening experts in all growing fields explain why worms are if not best thing u can add to ur organic garden. watched both videos 2+ times and the info is priceless
pt 1

why use chitin

When doing weekly brews/Drench: Terp Tea line + Liquid BTI 8% ( Fungus gnat IPM) + insect poop ( Chitin ) + worm poop (Benefical bacteria population ) + seagreen ( decompose + many diff specie bacteria compost) + trubloom (if flower, its 1000+ diff phos/K & chitin intaking bacteria. way more broad and powerful than Mammoth P)
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