Picking your daily smoke


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I usually have a hankering for a flavor in the morning.

Oranges and grapes/berrries for the morning....switching to kush and weirder stuff later or whatever. I love the variety.

And usually i need something very indica to start the day. But lately a couple of the more leaning sativas have really been floating my boat.

I can say i have never regretted a choice :D lol i can always reset on the next one.


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Its always such a dilemma haha... I do exactly what you describe... crack jars, smell them, feel them, recall their various highs lol

Whats Graveyard Whistler by the way? Love the name.
I got a cut of this from @Smokieokie wonderful indica. She was a short chunky girl.

Graveyard Whistler is (Ghost OG x Stardawg) x (Ghost OG x Skunk1)
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