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This will be my journal.

This is a "wet" establishment and drinking is not only encouraged, but I'm buying..................whuddyawant?

My large tent is a 32x60x80 inches, I also have a 3x3 ft.

That's some lemon haze from days gone by. I have a few left in that tent now, but tent has had an ongoing a pm problem. I expect to tear it all down this weekend and renovate and clean the hell out of it.


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I have some stuff outside. It's not legal to grow here , I put plants out late to keep them on the smaller side. My usual spot had a hunter set up within view/smell range with a permanent tree stand and a four wheeler parked there(last time I saw) It's not even his property. Anyway, the larger stuff is at a growbro's and I got some little ones mixed in with the veggies.
Bounty hunter from a week or so a 10 gallon pot with the bottom cut out, raspberries for cover, lol.


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Closer to home.....
This Diesel is a big ass bush full of small buds, but the plants covering the view have died back. There are now some sweet potatoes that are in large buckets and some bionic corn and pole beans popping up, for the final cover. This one might need some dollar store daisies ;). Anyway, the goal of this plant is strictly hash. The PM problem has decimated the trim supply and I am running on hash vapors at this point. That'll change! This is a big plant that's been tied down repeatedly, lots of smaller buds.....lots

Just curious sir, are you using any silica products in your feed regimen??? I hadnt seen any pm in 3 runs since i started using it at full strength, ive been foliar feeding it during veg and about 2 weeks into flower as well and the pm had been non existent till i let some visitors in the space, i hate pm with passion hope you get it whooped
They are getting silica. The problem started when I got greedy and overfilled my tent. The tent is in the 20 to 30 per cent humidity range, it's dry here. But the overlapped leaves created their own environment, pm started and I didn't get that right away. Been a royal pain in the ass ever since.


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Circumscribe the bark on the branch with an exacto scalpel.
He will get an unpleasant surprise next fall.

Yup, I am still an ass. ,,, and I will take a Spiced Morgan. Short , rocks, and Canada Dry ( or just rocks, I am not picky. )

Is this the Willie I know?

Welcome to the show !

Absolutely Jewels, how you doing? :)

oh and Spiced Morgan is in stock!
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