Scrubber Duckys Glass Cleaner


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Picked up these neat little guys at the local headshop today, thought it was neat so I wanted to share. They are just little magnets but man they killed the marketing. They actually work pretty well, remind me of the magnets I used to clean my saltwater tanks. They also include a couple small round pellet shaped magnets, but that’s not as fun. I like watching the ducky float in my bong scum. It’s just like a real life pond here.

6897C213-26A8-48A9-BEF3-F844463FD118.jpeg 46040561-788B-4284-A697-76D772B69EE6.jpeg

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great design . God I hate stuff being permanently like the cannabis oils in the inside of the bong being a perm smell/flavor decreases and even with lots of hot water or iso, still can’t get so many pieces completely clean.

misnt have to try these ;)
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