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Hello pH,
I will do my best to update this journal as my old one is coming to a close on another forum. running an ethos mandarin cookies pack under 2 x 600w HPS currently in week 7 and 4 (staggered because my veg area is no longer warm enough). so my perpetual will become a new veg/bloom grow and I will try to keep it all here. I run hempys with mega crop and so far pretty happy with the results.

the alien rock candy is a sad start , might need to pop another one. flower pics are ethos pack


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How are the Ethos cookies strains working out fo ya? I'm on my first try with anything that has cookies in it, (Cannarado orange cheddar [orange cookies x chem/UK cheese]) so far they just smell like orange peels, not really getting any cookie smells lol.
Well, the blueberry and mandarin cookies hermied but the rest didn't, upon further research it may have been user error, 2 nights at 55 degrees possibly did me in, then again I'm also told mandarin cookies and the crosses are notoriously unstable. either way I chose to switch up this next round and I enjoyed the flavors of Ethos and beautiful plants but picking through 1000s of seeds wasn't worth the long wait
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