Thank you


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Jeebus yes!

On the site many of us came from, when politics were allowed it was like a sewer pipe burst. The gross shit spewed sky high. I was honestly shocked at the ugliness and hate.
I feel like we have a more like minded group here, but there is still no need for any of that discussion on a cannabis breeding and growing site.


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For no political threads, seen other sites really bringing not only ignorance, but big negativity to the scene. Thanks @HydroRed

What a breath of fresh air isnt it?

I think about how grateful I am for this simple fact every day. Since I have been here, I have found so much more peace... At first, I had to resist the urge to post in that Corona thread we had... Now, it doesnt even cross my mind. If I want to go argue with idiots I will just go login to facebook... There truly is no place for it here... If we allow that type of toxicity into our ranks, it will destroy the continuity we all have. I am quite sure we all disagree quite a bit on political topics... That's because our current culture is demanding it, and designed to create dissent amongst the people. We need unity more than ever right now. Cannabis is offering that to us. I believe that is why I have been hanging out here so much lately. My social media activity has pretty much come to a halt. If I am not posting on IG trying to create visibility for this place I call home, I have no desire to see what sort of negative bullshit my news feed has to offer. Like at all. In my opinion No Politics and No Religion should be enscribed in the commandments of every grow forum. But its not, and if it is, the rules are never followed.

pH is special, and I will do my best to never forget that.


bad mother chucker
But its not, and if it is, the rules are never followed.
IC Rag is awful for political shit. They banned the worst troll and shitposter they had but brought him back because he posts 80 times a day and creates traffic which drives page views up which sets advertising rates. That place has become useless to me.

IMO, any forum that has making money as its raison d'etre will always be my second choice. There's a difference between looking to pay server costs and looking to make bank, and once the pendulum swings toward the latter, other decisions follow that are detrimental to community.

I add my thanks to the people responsible for :phenohunt:.
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