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Tilts at Tables
Light leaks.
Fact and fiction.
What happens when you have a light leak ?
I had one go undetected for the last 4-5 weeks of flower. Now I know.
Having seen it through, I have a different perspective than googlely.
Some of these statements now ring untrue,
“My power bar made plants seeded”
“I left the tent open and my plants Hermd”
“Light leaks halt flowering”
“Light leaks will cause a plant to reveg“

Maybe all that is true. Dunno. Didn’t play out that way for me. ,,,and it was a good leak too, like, ‘what the hell were you thinking? , glow.
Working on the ceiling , I neglected to replace a panel. I didn’t notice until recently; until my wife opened the pedestrian door of the garage , flooding the ceiling with light. This has been going on for weeks. I often prop that door open to move air, during lights out.

What did I see ?
No outright, obvious, in your face, symptoms. I believe a first time grower would be oblivious to the subtleties.
I saw no obvious re-veg, no single blades, all 7,9’s.
I saw no hermies, no banana, no claws, no pods. I produced no seed.
Also subtle, was the s l o w creep. They never did stop stretching. I had grown most of these before. They should have stopped in their tracks.
The biggest kicker was the nuggage. On the protected side they did : just okay .
They look like buds, but they should be way denser. The more I trim , the more sugar I find. The worst of it was taking it for the team.
On the bad side, they appeared to be something. In your hand however, they crush to nothing. All show.
Same lights, same Nutes, soil, all same. I am a creature of habit. A beginner would have thought, “I will do better next time”. For me ? It was all there , save the diamonds.
I know these plants can produce. I have seen it before.
Wherein lies the moral of this fable.
No alarms went off. True, I was not babysitting my buds specifically. The plants appeared just fine.
I aim to say that - yields can be increased by absolute darkness.
No amount of love, light, or elixir could have improved that crop.
Embrace the blackness
Darken the room
Increase the yield
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