The James Gang


Here's the current line-up
Heisenbeans testers: Lemon Tree S1, Sundae Driver x Dosi Dos, Gelato33 x Dosi Dos, Wedding Cake x Dosi Dos, Sundae Driver x Lemon Tree
and a little cloned top that was 12/12 from start (sexing)
5 Sacred Lotus from County Line Genetics - one is the sister to the cloned top in the other room, but vegged instead of sexed.
And the lineup of babies.
2 in the back are Dank Sinatra F4. The white cups are fems (lvtk s1 by eso, and Cheap Thrills by Cannaventure) and a handfull of each set of regs.


Basic grow stuff.
I have a small seedling/clone rig with an HLG-65, drop beans about once a month.
Veg tent is 40x40 with an HLG-135, I have a spare 135 if need to pump up the volume in there.
I have a 40x40 and a standard closet for flower, each with different versions of the HLG-260
AC Infinity exhaust on all.

I primarily do 4-tops to keep the plants within the diameter of the pot - if you can fit another pot, you can fit another plant :)
Most plants are vegged for 4-6 weeks to get those 4 tops flip-able

And I grow "out of the bag" organic. No composting or extra effort, just keeping the soil and nutes stuff that is organic.

And as mentioned in my intro I primarily grow what @J. James sends me from County Line Genetics.


I have the ardent nova decarb machine so I play around with edibles and stuff.

Here's my next distraction.



You're looking solid what are you running for light ? I have a 4x4 tent similar to yours I have 480 w, of cobs
Thanks though - I have one of those cheapo lumen-ometers :geek: and keep the lumens in the 40-50k range in flower. Either by raising the lights or dialing them back.

My grows have extended a week or so (it seems) but my plants have stayed a lot healthier. No "damn, I need to harvest this before all the leaves die"

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