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The Cackleberry at F5 is vigorous, and consistent, and for me consistency is key. Only the best will be chosen to take it to F6, as many grows as it takes fellas.
Here's the difference between two days of growth, the vigor is real, and you can see how much material has also been removed.

2 days ago

Just now

We've decided to name this strain "Red Bag"
The reason this came about... we have some friends who we share our bud with, and back when the cackleberry f3 started getting passed around -- the grocery stores only had these red plastic bags left for some reason, and that's what one expression of the bud got put into and given to friends. Friends don't generally ask or really care about the strains or names, but they all pretty much asked for more of that stuff 'in the red bag'. That expression between friends quickly became known as Red Bag and I kinda love it.

somehow I've managed to put 5 of these plants into a single 5 gallon bucket, apart from the lowers that need to be cleaned up, the stems are strong, the branching is wide and consistent, and internodal distances are ideal for my height restrictions.

The other bucket showing a lot of the same consistency,

Here is a bud from the mother who gave birth to this batch.

More interesting things are in the works but honestly not interesting enough to take pics of yet.


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What strains did I cross with Uptown?
Sweet Seeds- Sweet Amnesia HazeView attachment 27185View attachment 27186
Mr. Nice- Super Silver HazeView attachment 27187
ACE - Panama land race (pink pistil pheno)View attachment 27188View attachment 27189

Greenhouse Seeds - Arjan's haze #3
Swami - NL5/Haze F5 sativa pheno
Crockett - Lemon Banana Sherbet
Crockett - Tangie
THT - Dirt Stick
THT - CackleBerry F2

If there's more that I am forgetting ill edit here later.

The first one we dove into was Super Silver Haze X UTB - which we called Super City Haze. All expressions took after the mom, there wasn't really much of an influence at all from the UTB male. They were big and pretty but nothing special in my book.View attachment 27191
Thoughts on Samie's strains - they have many landrances


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Thoughts on Samie's strains - they have many landrances
So I think you mean Swami right? We'll to be honest, I was disappointed with every NL5/Haze I ran from them, maybe more so because I was hoping for something else, but also because they lacked a real flavor and bag appeal. I also ran Nigerian Blue, (Nigerian X Blue Orca Haze) and never saw a female but used the male for some chucking, results were underwhelming to say it nicely. I have a few more swami strains and I hold out hope there could be some solid fire in there, I haven't had good luck with Bodhi strains either though and lots of people have..
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