Tired of sticky scissors? Try this hack.

With rubbing alchohol being worth it's weight in gold now thanks to Covid-19, I thought this little tip I figured out might help save you some of the precious liquid to be used for better things than cleaning your scissors after a harvest.

The solution??? PVC cleaner/primer.
It's what you apply to pvc pipes to "clean and prep" the surface before gluing plumbing joints.
It can be found in the plumbing section of any hardware store. I think even Walmart might carry it. A can this size will run you $3-$5.

It even comes with a handy dobber built into the cap.
With 10 seconds of rubbing, and a clean wipe with a paper towel, your scissors go from this...
to this...
It does have a pretty strong odor and will begin to "soften" any plastic it comes in contact with if left on too long, but a quick wipe with some water and it's easily washed away.

Anyway, it works for me and I hope it can help a few of you out there.
Happy Harvests!

Edit.....DO NOT USE ON ANY "COATED" BLADES. It will 100% remove the coating.
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