Tired of sticky scissors? Try this hack.

With rubbing alchohol being worth it's weight in gold now thanks to Covid-19, I thought this little tip I figured out might help save you some of the precious liquid to be used for better things than cleaning your scissors after a harvest.

The solution??? PVC cleaner/primer.
It's what you apply to pvc pipes to "clean and prep" the surface before gluing plumbing joints.
It can be found in the plumbing section of any hardware store. I think even Walmart might carry it. A can this size will run you $3-$5.

It even comes with a handy dobber built into the cap.
With 10 seconds of rubbing, and a clean wipe with a paper towel, your scissors go from this...
to this...
It does have a pretty strong odor and will begin to "soften" any plastic it comes in contact with if left on too long, but a quick wipe with some water and it's easily washed away.

Anyway, it works for me and I hope it can help a few of you out there.
Happy Harvests!

Edit.....DO NOT USE ON ANY "COATED" BLADES. It will 100% remove the coating.
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In Bloom
Methyl ethyl keytone...not sure if it is good for human consumption...but it sure the fuck will make your tires sticky when you add it to your burnout compound at the racetrack!
Moonshine works too...here in Virginia that is very plentyful...about 20-50$ a jar.
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