Ty's wet and wild outdoor '21

Man its been wet here!!
I'm running mostly GPS fem beans and cuts mac1, Gucci (wc x pp) , dosidos, wed cake, bridezilla (wc x gg4)
Fem beans
lvtk x animal cookies,
gg4 x AC, l
emon tree x AC,
gmo x LT,
LT s1,
Lvtk x pp,
Adub s1,
AC x adub
Put in the ground first week of June. 0610211322c~2.jpg0706210611b.jpg0706210611a.jpg0706210611.jpg0610211322a~2.jpg0610211322~2.jpg0610211321a~2.jpg0706210613.jpg0706210611c.jpg0610211321~2.jpg
Took cuts of lemon tree x AC and lvtk x AC.
Next is gg4 x AC and gmo x lemon tree

There are too many to try, to limit it to a few.
A friend is trying colloidal silver and is gonna let me pollinate a few plants. Here are moms. Way way behind
Its been raining most everyday. Inches at a time. The seeded plants are loving it. The clines are starting to get in there own way. Defoliation every morning this week before work0714210557a.jpg
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