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Thats kind of a loaded question... It kind of depends on how much light you are running... I use black box leds with bloom/veg switches as supplimental in addition to my QB's in my closet... My particular model has UV diodes on the Veg switch... So I actually switch those on for roughly 4 hours a day (noon - 4pm) I start my mornings with only my bloom switches (REDS) then my timers kick my QB's on about an hour later... Gives my room more of a sunrise/sunset affect... I would say to leave everything on if these are the only lights you are running... Otherwise it wouldnt hurt to experiment a bit.


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I like the idea of increasing light during the day to simulate the sun. My reason was kinda on I have plant out from underneath light to where the top is at 60kish but the back of the plant farthest from the light is around 20k lux. Figured if I flipped light to just bloom I'd be able to center it and achieve same lux at top but more to the back side. The half in the lights has better looking buds. No biggie either way it's about done.
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