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Im posting this here b/c I think the hydro guys will prolly be able to help me with this. I had my water tested and I told them I wanted ppm readings of nitrates, macros, micros, pH, and alkalinity. I would post the whole report if I could figure out how to black out my address. The report I received said 'Nitrate levels below 1 ppm' Then theres a list of metals and their ammounts in micro grams per liter = parts per Billion.
Barium =12.54
Boron =8.08
Calcium =4852
Copper =18.66
Iron =110.66
Magnesium =1472.8
Potassium =194.4
Sodium =10568
Strontium =34.64
Zinc =98.26
pH fluctuates between 7.2 to 8.5. Alkalinity is 55 ppm. I do not Know if the water is treated with chlorine or chloramine.
The rest of the metals listed were below detectable limit. Nitrogen and Phosphorous were not listed. My question is 'how can this help me to optimize my fertigation strategy?' Ive done a little research and i saw pics of sodium tox that looked awful familiar. Im most interested to know how my Calcium and Magnesium are influencing the plants and what the high Sodium reading means. I use promix and on manufacture website it says RO water and pH of input water is not important. I am using only RO water so far this round and am seeing noticeable improvements. I have and occasionally would use calmag supplements in flower. If anyone out there can shed some lite on this situation, i would be grateful to once again drink from the collective knowledge fountain that flows deep and wide here...thx and blessingz


I believe the reason no one has fully answered this is because you’re thinking to deep but then again you’re not..
as Jewels mentioned the sodium isn’t high ..if that calculation is correct..

as far as Magnesium and Potassium levels is deep yet VERY important
you posted 1472.8 MICRO GRAM… seriously the influence is very low
ppm being very low = to the weight of nutrients and minerals thus
10-55 ppm is nothing to fret
going R/O
i use to read you have no worries abou ph..or ppm.. WRONG

with R/O you can go anywhere from IRON toxicity to NITROGEN toxicity in a matter of hours ****PH NOT IMPORTANT? BS!! TO THE FIFTH POWER****
ph tells your plant what nutrients to take in IF ANY AT ALL
Hence the term Nute Block
so from horr experiences within my 2 years of hydro…
ph/ppm check to keep your plants happy
download a leaf health guide that shows symptoms
how to diagnose your plants health
become a student
learn love and grow
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