What are you thankful for?


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Aww, how nice of you to offer a prize!
I was just gonna reply to spread positive vibes, and let the universe know I'm thankful in general.
After a young heart attack, I'm thankful for every day, and all the little things peppered throughout... And looking forward to as many more as possible, while I still have time to Grow!
I'll double down with the numerology, and toss 333 out there again, as far as my number.
Good luck everyone!


Incredibly thankful for my wife, 28 years together and going strong. She gave me the 2 things I'm most proud of in this world. My daughter and son. Thankful for their health and their unbelievably kind souls. They've made me a better person.

With that said I'm also thankful for the PH community. While I've only met a couple of you I feel like I've developed friendships with many and for that I'm also grateful. Thanks to all for making this place so special.

To the PH staff members, your efforts are much appreciated, this place is truly unique. The positivity is contagious. You've created the forum all others aspire to be and none manage to live up to. Hats off and thank you for the everything you do here.

Ha, forgot my number 25
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Awesome of you to do this. #11.

I am thankful for my wife and kids. The rest of my family and friends. My health sucks but I am thankful that after 10 years of dealing with the same issue and going completely blind for almost a month, I have found a Dr. that knew what was causing the problem and is doing surgery next week to fix it

And ladt but not least all the great people I have met here and the cannabis community as a whole


Obviously, I am thankful for the community here at PH and all of the amazing people that make it what it is! I truly appreciate you all! I can really just go on and on with a list of everything that I am thankful for, but I am most thankful for every single day that I am blessed with life. I make a point every morning and most nights to verbally thank Mother Earth, Sol and Luna for blessing me with an amazing woman that I could never deserve, the life and love that we share and the family that has come from the love that we share. Thank you @SSGrower for the contest! I admire your style! I will choose #277. Positive vibes...



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You guys are getting tears on my rolly papes here.
While I can relate and echo many of the sentiments in this thread ,I do not believe the list would be complete without :
Levers, internal combustion, the return of the Milk River, the advent of transistors and solid-state electronics, public education, and lagomorphs.
Also I am thankful that I grew up on the Prairie, and got a chance to see every star in the sky before they disappeared.

I dont want you to ship that beauty down this gravel road, SS.
I do want to participate by mentioning that I am indeed thankful to be immersed in a healthy community of generous comrades , like yourself, SuperS.
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