What are you thankful for?

First off, I’m thankful that no one has chosen 13!
So I’m taking #13!
Thankful for my first forum experience to be here amongst some super helpful, knowledgeable and eager, like minded people!
Thankful that after a really super shitty year, I had the doctor tell me I’m quite healthy and extremely thankful that, after not seeing the dentist for twenty plus years, he said that my teeth look really good (wisdom teeth need to go, but rest look good!).
I am beyond thankful for my girlfriend. She is a determined, hard working woman and because of her, we should be able to open a hydro store in a few months!

Amos Otis

In Bloom
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1. Post in this thread.
2. State at least one thing you are thankful for.
3. Select a number between 1 and 420.
4. One entry per user.

Prize - Winner announced November 25th selected by random number generation.

One Glasslab303 flask bong.
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Winner picks color from whats in the pics above.

You know, even w/o a prize, this is a very good thread. Some of the responses have touched and moved me. [ I say that knowing that no one will picture me as anything less than a manly 'manly man'. I'm secure like that.]

Really good thread @SSGrower .
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