Answered What's my name?


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Hey is that Karen? lolz

err umm Who is Karen?

LMAO yes, the typical Karen, so in the context of the question, you are correct.
Who is Jenny McCarthy ;)

Damnit man, I didn't realize it was her, you are technically correct lol
Daily double @spyralout; This photo/meme was taken and created from what show?
idk, probably oprah or some shit lol
I remember her husband was Asian & I think they had twins??
Jon n Kate +8 or smth like that, yea she's like the perfect Karen, with the bob do and extreme RBF dirty ass entitled look ?

Even though Phylex got higher upvotes, Deebs gets it for getting the correct context. I shoulda picked someone who wasn't as famous lol :facepalm: (or Phylex could be less precisely observant :ummok:?)
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