Dope Cave Dave
I did. We were able to work out the issue so member registration is easy peasy for anyone who joins now.
Nice thanks man I appreciate it. I’ll have to get you some grease’s pieces pics tonight they’re looking fabulous. Just about to finish stretch. I thought 2 were dropping nuts but I was wrong, just one. It was just at a couple nodes, I picked them off and all is well. Not bad for a gg4 cross lol.


The Chosen One
Thanks I appreciate that. No I didn’t I couldn’t get that deal worked out for whatever reason. The invoice they sent was actually more expensive than the packs were supposed to be to begin with lol.
Oh snap, I didn’t include the end date of the sale in that post so maybe that had something to do with it. They are still doing the 2 packs for $60 if you’re interested. Sale started today and ends Feb 16th midnight PST
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