A Gentleman's Rolling Paper Revue


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So I don't have the mental space for my previous review format but I'd like to keep this going so I think I'm gonna drop a few one offs here and there. Still have a bunch of papers from the extremely generous @BigPretzel as well as some more I picked up.

Today I cracked into these... 20210620_184754.jpg20210620_184800.jpg

OCB Virgin!

giphy (7).gif

Clearly the manufacturers were a fan...

No wait, just read the package. They're just made from non recycled, yet sustainably harvested, paper... which, not sure if that's good? They're unbleached so they look healthy, right?

All that aside, this is a nice paper. Rolls well, smokes nice and even and the glue holds well. That being said, it's not a major standout like the last OCB entry. It's a bit thick so it burns a little quicker than I like, and it has a slightly stronger paper flavor than I like. But if you like unbleached papers it's a nice choice.


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OCB is generally my go to brand. Sometimes the black / holographic pack, sometimes the tan pack with maroon lettering. 1 1/4 or King size. They're comparable to Raws and the like, but only a buck a pack, retail. 👍
Mine too Lately. I’m really big on the white pack called sophistique or something like that. They have tips already in them and are supposedly super thing at 13.5G/m they are made from flax too. I love to smoke runtz through them it’s like a light sweetness to the paper that just adds to the experience


In Bloom
So the next papers of the week are these Hempires pure hemp papers, again, courtesy of @BigPretzel...
View attachment 66019View attachment 66020

These papers are noticeably thicker than the the last few and as such are much less translucent. I'm starting to wonder how much money it costs per paper for the watermarks... View attachment 66021

View attachment 66022

They actually slip a bit when rolling. The glue works very well though. Overall initial impressions though.... not great. First hit is rather harsh and it maintains a bit of a papery taste throughout. Also canoes pretty easily. But we'll give it the rest of the week to see how they do.
Damn man we really do think a lot alike. These were my thoughts to a T on these. I could only use 1-2 of those papers they were harsh on the throat. They came in a Cellophane wrap before I used the one or two. I think the company spent all there money on packaging and resources but didn’t test there product with the actual consumers.
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