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This pack was donated to the preservation project by J. James. Much appreciated.

Provenance @J. James has shared.
American Big Bud (F6) is Afghani X Skunk #1
This line was given to my father in 86' from a buddie of his that was living & growing in Jacksonville, FL.
I was told that it was the Dutch who mixed it with Northern Lights and the result was a sweeter more humidity tolerant strain but overall a less resinous plant and that happened in the early 90's.

For this plant to give you the legendary colas its known for you need to drop your humidity below 40% by the second week of flower. Tie or double scrog the plant to support the weight and super crop the bottom half of the plant so you can get airflow up threw the canopy. Even though she is a huge yielding plant and sensitive to humidity, she is not demanding of nutrients and easy to overfeed. If you loose your lower fan leaves early in flower your yield will suffer. This is one strain I recommend minimal defoliation and really your goal should be to keep as many fan leaves as you can as they will be used as backup storage when the plant bulks up the last 3 weeks of flower. She flowers in 7 - 9 weeks and is easy to clone.
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