Anyone tried this GH feed chart before?

Anyone ever ran this feed chart?
It's the base suggested chart from growweedeasy.

I mixed up a batch of the weeks 5-6 rate and was shocked to see ppm was only 380 with the added Calimagic.
That's great for me. I'm dealing with an overfeeding issue atm, but that seems pretty low still.

Was just wondering if anyone had any experience with it?


Just use the 3-2-1 ratio on the back of the bottles and the ppm runs fairly low that way as well. Always had good results and very simple. No real need for the extra cal mag either for me anyway. It’s been around for a long time so you should get tons of feedback.?✌?


In Bloom
I don't use the "grow" at all, there is enough N in the micro. I keep it really simple and foolproof. I use 2:1 ratio of Bloom to Micro from seedling to flower.. the only difference is the PPM and PH. for veg I'm between 400-600ppm, and flower around 650-800 depending on the plant needs. I keep my PH between 5.8-6.0... on the higher end during flower.

any other supplements can be added as needed
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