My Bodhi collection is getting a little bigger. Just ordered a few packs from his new drop. Got

Lower Ulleri Annapurna Nepal

Rajasthani Sikar x Kashmir Azad

Thai D9 x Kashmir

Petrolia Headstash (freebies)

Pretty excited for something unique.

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Smell: hashy, spicy, earthy, melon
Taste: hashy, spicy, earthy, melon, kush, caramel, ginger, potato skins
Effect: varying degrees of relaxed to couchlock ~1.5-2hrs, a couple 60/40 indicas with headiness ~2hrs
Growing: Stats averaged from 8 phenos out of one pack
Stretch: roughly double to triple initial flowering height
Flowering Time: 60-75 days
Nutes: moderate feeder, some phenos more prone to nitrogen overload

Most phenos expressed a hashy, spicy, earthy quality in the taste. This has been an observed consistency with many Bubba Kush hybrids in other experiences. On average, the aroma of the buds faithfully translated in the taste both in exhale and lingering quality after a toke.

An earthy, root quality was seen in a couple phenos expressing as potato skins, ginger, and decaying roots.

The few phenos with a melon note were most closely like a honeydew melon or cantaloupe in profile. One pheno in particular had a burned caramel exhale accompanying the melon note that made for a great flavor.

Most phenos were solidly indica in effect. Some were just a sweeping full body relaxation that allowed for functionality, debilitating couchlock with no hope of accomplishing much more than keeping a seat warm, and a couple with a heady quality that could be daytime options.

I found the few with this heady nuance to be a more developing type of effect, in the sense that the quality of the buzz would change over time. It may begin as a mind storm with some buzzing in the extremities and settle into a more gentle elevated mood after 30 minutes.

Most phenos would be great choices for people seeking muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory properties, and mood enhancement.

I think the true accomplishment of this cross was the generally consistent range of smoker experience across very different plant morphologies. By this I mean that the smells/tastes/effects/ were pretty consistently expressed in plants of varying stature, flowering time, and growth patterns.

Some phenos would be perfect for SOG method; growing as one main stalk without needing much pruning and staying compact throughout the moderate stretch. One pheno in particular (#10) had one of the most amazing natural structures of a plant I’ve seen expressed without grower training. She had multiple tops that were evenly distributed, narrow leaves to allow light penetration, and great intermodal spacing to allow bud development without the yield suffering. I could see her performing quite well in a SCROG setup.

Jabba’s Stash offers a solid indica smoke giving growers plenty of choice in a plant that can best suit their growing style.

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