Brisco's F2 Competencia Musical

Amos Otis

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Yes, it's a reboot. From now until midnight, Monday, the 22nd, music heads have another chance to impress your peers. [but mostly me]

1. At least 20 21 entries, one per member, to make the competencia official.

2. Post a tune.

The one I like the most wins. Easy peasy.

Helpful hints:
The Boss, Stevie, and Styx will likely not score well.
If I like two tunes equally, I'll side with the one that I haven't heard many many many times. Dig deep.

The prize:
Who needs a stinkin' prize? You get a chance to impress your fellow pheno hunters [ don't blow it ]
A 6 pack of fem Brisco's will be awarded, but your new rep as the reigning Brisco Music Master is, of course, priceless. You'll surely want to add the title to your profile signature.
Maybe a couple of DC Seedbank stickers, too, but it's not a sanctioned DCSE promo, unless @PaulNChucker would like it to be.

1592433296204.png 1592433367748.png 1592433429375.png 1592435316499.png 1592433724976.png 1592434156952.png 1592434474298.png 1592434240421.png 1592436015585.png

Here's some mellow notes and chill vibes to get your groove in gear. Good luck ~



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Man do I love me some Faith No More! I was going to hold off on posting and think real hard about this, but when I saw FNM live in '97 in your post it brought me back to those formative years when I first discovered smoking reefer. One of the first shows I went too (without my parents) is too this day one of my all time favorites, Ozzfest '98 ... such a good lineup ... Ozzy, Megadeath, Tool, Motorhead,
Soulfly, System of a Down, the Melvin's and ...

Gone too soon.

Limp Bizkit was there too actually. Fred brought a giant toilet.

Mr Toast

In Bloom
I suck then..cuz...I look at those photos and they are no more than faces in a crowd to FNM..? I feel like Ive been stuck in a basement..I've honestly heard very little of them...but looking at that video...This is probably a better stab for you and what you like that I am
familiar with...

Another absolute classic!


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