Capulator - MAC F2


In Bloom
I’ve been waiting for someone to come across pH with a pack of these. Capulator has been posting some fire content of the selections ppl have been finding in the V2 packs. They are all insane. Good luck, I’ll be following this fer sure
That's good to hear. I haven't seen anything come out of the F2 packs that caught my attention, but then again I haven't kept up with what Cap has put out/posted.

I pretty much know the answer already, but had to ask anyways.. How authentic are these super cheap beans of MAC? Real deal but stolen and copied or pure hoax and not really MAC?

example here: Miracle Alien Cookies feminized by PEV Seeds
Ehhhhh definitely a sketchy looking situation. I think it's all on the consumer to be honest. I wouldn't support someone ripping off other peoples work, but that's just me. Different folks, different strokes.
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