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Hey All,

So I have this little 60x-75x microscope with a light, works great when on a flat surface, but I can't keep still, squint, and adjust focus and zoom with out moving.
My question is should I remove a leaf or something to be able to put it on a flat surface? I don't want to have to buy one that hooks up to my phone and I can't easily zip tie this to my phone's camera, plus the phone keeps trying to auto focus.
I need an easy way to look at the trichomes because I think I'm getting near the "start the flush" signals. Any ideas?

You can snip a small, tiny, lone calyx and look at that on a table. I know the issue you're having very well. I stress, CLEAN YOU SNIPS BEFORE TAKING A SAMPLE. I did the same thing for a long time, now I'm comfortable with naked eye or a more glanced look through a loop. Remember, sugar leaves will mature and be affected by environmental impact faster/different than your "flower" will. Take from the lower part of whichever flower you choose. Also, take a general look at the plant, by itself, as whole. Some will mature from the bottom up and some top down. Also, if there's an area of the plant you touch more or brush against etc, those pistils will wither (turn red) faster as well. But that should only be a factor when looking at the plant as a whole. One tool I can recommend that worked well for me was a USB microscope. You can get that hook to your phone at this point,. You can take video and freeze a "good" shot and examine them much easier. Michael J Fox could check your trichomes with that bad boy. Sorry, bad joke. Hope that helps, take care and good luck.
I always appreciate your thoughtful posts @Saro01.
I remembered the excitement of sneaking off my own first bud. Had to share.
Still exciting, really.
Thank you. I appreciate that. Man, my first go at it, took the entire spring summer and into winter before he finally bloomed. I had no clue what I was looking at, sticking out of that half filled coffee can. I had never seen actual little flowers on the stuff I had bought. And man, all the thc crystals that were flying all over the place every time I'd touch it. I must had been too excited and shook all the good ones off because he didn't get me even a head change. And I tried. Hard. Turned out, I picked up Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Growers Guide. I believe second edition back then. And BTW, I hated the word "marijuana" even back then. But you'll never guess what I found out about my little girl Folgers.... Folgers was a dag gone Juan Valdez!!! I have yet to make that mistake to that extent ever again. Haha.


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So I found out today that my phone's camera can take 4032x3024 images, and it seems to work better than the microscope. Plus I don't have to cut anything off (y) .
I'm going to attach the image because I think the 'embed image' bbcode fixes the size.
EDIT: Maybe it's the forum's image viewer,idk but I can zoom in with more clarity so should I close this or...


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