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Hello everyone,

I'll be showcasing a personal chuck I made a while back using a Sunny D OG female from @thenotsoesoteric and a male Sin City Juice by @HydroRed

The SunnyD OG mother was a super sturdy, compact, and strong growing girl. She had a citrus flavor profile and smoked quite well. The Sin City Juice male was OG dominant all day long, he grew lengthy and tall. Musky on the stems. He was the most vigorous grower out of the group. I brought the pairing together hoping to round out the growth structure of the progeny. I thought it would be nice to reign in that OG structure of the father and add some common nodal spacing to the super dense Tangerine Power dominant female.

Here's a dendrogram I created to show the lineage:
Accuracy is base off of as much research I could find throughout the interwebs. You can see this cross has a lot to it and you might need to zoom in to get full details.

I have this little alcove around my Bordello that I like to use for making seeds outdoors once a year. Here's a look under the sheets:
IMG_20190816_182504.jpg IMG_20190816_182512.jpg
Leaf Expressions:
IMG_20190609_183033.jpg IMG_20190620_180824.jpg

I was able to make a decent amount of seed and have since been messing around with them for about a year. I was able to pop a few here and there to do some internal testing. The beans are viable and the first half dozen I move into flower were all males. Once spring hit I was able to get a row of 15 up and running. I culled the weaker ones after about a month leaving ten or so.
After another couple of weeks, I was able to make selections down to 3:

I played hell getting these things cloned out and moved indoors under lights in this summer heat. I was able to get both 1 and 2 rooted and vegging a few weeks ago. In the meantime, I was able to sex these rooted cuts out using the mother outside. They all have since been removed.

She smells of citrus and is very loud. Her growth structure is very consistent and she has strong stalks. She also bushes out really well when topped and is my personal favorite throughout the process.

More of an OG leaner when it comes to the structure. Best and most vigorous grower out of the whole group. Smells of rot, shit, and earth. Pretty loud in general.

I do have a cut of the #3 in the cloner as I post this. No roots yet. It may or may not make it into the flower tent at some point, we'll see. The plan is to move these into my indoor flower tent in a few weeks and finally get some flowers going out of this chuck. Both parents were stable testers, but we'll keep an eye on these girls since it's their first time. It should be fun!:dancingsmiley"


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I dig the fat blade number 2. Looks cool and unique
What's up eso! Glad you dropped in. ?

When I planted the group I ran a row and sowed directly in the ground like you would with some vegetables. I ended up flooding the row everyday and that how this group started. It was survival of the fittest from the jump. I did however not want a bunch of massive plants and I knew I was going to bring them indoors so I cut on all of them quite often. The #2 was a beast from get go. First to break ground and first to get topped. I had a few friends go out and make there own choices because I value opinions and everyone else picked #2 as the best. I convinced myself it was most likely a male and made it my second choice.:ROFLMAO: Hence the number 2.


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Both you boys getting in on the fat indica looker. That makes the total now of 6 different people agreeing on this one plant...crazy. I had the other 4 do some stem rubs and a lookie looks. The wide rounded off leaf on #2 was from the SCJ father. Here's another from the farther about a month into veg:


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Both you boys getting in on the fat indica looker. That makes the total now of 6 different people agreeing on this one plant...crazy. I had the other 4 do some stem rubs and a lookie looks. The wide rounded off leaf on #2 was from the SCJ father. Here's another from the farther about a month into veg:
View attachment 20680
Ive found the fat leaves like the one you have pictured on some of my Mimosa leaner SCJ's. In my experience, those were the real heavy citrus fruity phenos and also finished a lil quicker.


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Funny you mentioned it because I've been thinking about those f2s from that batch of mimosa. Those, and some Hickock Haze f2 that BigHornBuds did. I want to get in and do and F3 selection.
The F2's of those Mimosa beans I gave out were from one of those fat leaf fast finishing fruit punch phenos too. Might be worth a dig if thats something you wanna lock down?


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This is the haul of beans that were shucked from the mother...or what's left of them
You can see I have them separated by grades. This being my first attempt and no experience, I pulled down to early. I was left with unmatured beans about a third of the batch. I have been using these lower grades in all my personal see pops. I have basically been testing a dozen different germination methods. I have to say, it's been pretty nice having a few hundred seeds to mess around with, and that's what gave me the idea to direct sow in the first place. I think I dropped about 40 of the lower grades about 3 inches apart. Here's what it looks like after the viable ones came up:
a week later
I am fairly happy with how this has gone but, I definitely gathered a ton of information for improvement. I am only ending the selection process but here are a few examples:

1. Consistent germination. -Meaning, a better comparison can be made throughout the process if the plants broke ground at the same time.

2. Should use the most viable seed. -This plays into the first one but is just as important. No questions with full genetic makeup in the final selection.

3. More is better. -This has been said before, but after dipping my toes into the water myself, I would have to agree. The variations in these poly-hybrids can be vast.

4. Cull Harder. -By nature, every plant is precious, especially if it cost you cash for the seed. But, in the end I feel I am at a better place with better plants.


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She was ALL fruit punch.
As this journey progresses, I have been using the nose ? as a guide. I have made some assumptions and believe that fruit punch isn't dominant in this cross and maybe get into the f2s if I want it. I do get rotten fruit off of 1 and 3. I would have to say citrus is dominating the terp genes. The past few weeks we initiated flower in my area. I have been outside every day reaching up the skirts checking for pistils. I usually grab the shoots and check from all over the plant (top to bottom) so I end up being fairly rough.:slapping: I was walking back to the house after a solid check and caught this ? of fresh oranges.? I mean, it triggered the exact smell in my dome.? " hey that's oranges". The orange-like smells are there and we will see what pushes to the forefront come mid-flower. (y)


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Here's another outdoor selection I set up this season. :stoned:The numbers I looked through weren't as high as with the SDxSCJ but, the line is also a bit more narrow. I started 10 of my GG4s1Bx1 (GG4s1 x Tomahawk) at various times while I was trying to play catch up with the beginning of summer.
IMG_20200625_161522.jpg IMG_20200802_162758.jpg
Here's a group shot showing nodal spacings and consistencies:
IMG_20200716_165436.jpg IMG_20200718_162120.jpg
With this group I let them get a bit more mature before I widdle down the numbers. Like I said before the phenotypes were very similar throughout the process. All the phenotypes have elongated nodal spacing. About 30% of all phenotypes had a periodic leaf twist trait. Smells in veg were very mellow and not as loud as most things I have grown. A high percentage of phenotypes grew well and stayed strong. Minor pest damage on a few phenotypes but no outlying conditions. All phenotypes reacted well to being topped, 30% of those showed signs of condensing growth and filling in nicely.

Here's a shot as I widdled down the selection:
I probably trimmed on the growth shoots a half a dozen times through veg just to keep them becoming unruly trees.:phenohunt:


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I took the original 10 down to 6 and at that point, I waited a couple of weeks for sex to show. I ended up with 3 males and 3 females. Based on overall growth patterns, health, and looks I selected down to 1 female and 1 male.
These two will make an f2 round. The male will go into quite a few other females I have going around the bordello. He is resilient, vigorous, and happy. His structure characteristics lean toward his mom and his strength is from his father.

Here I came in from the side to get a good look at his sticks:

IMG_20200816_111005.jpg IMG_20200816_111246.jpg IMG_20200816_111306.jpg IMG_20200818_171023.jpg IMG_20200818_171509.jpg

Up close shot here show some slight purple striping on his flowers. His mother has this stipe trait on the edge of her flowers.
IMG_20200820_172910.jpg IMG_20200820_172927.jpg IMG_20200820_172944.jpg
Both his mother and his aunt form there buds into balls. His mother has above average bud size, and both her and his aunt finish quickly.

The outdoor season menu:
GG4s1Bx1 (f) X GG4s1Bx1 (m)
BlueRipper#1 X GG4s1Bx1
BlueRipper#5 X GG4s1Bx1
GG4s1 X GG4s1Bx1
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