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For the sprinkle, sprinkle, shake, shake??
😂 more like the drip drip drop

The "drip drip drop" a precise fertigation technique for hands-on seedling waterings. Usually used on young cannabis plants. To help keep the mediums humidity percentages up, and keep the nutrients focused where they're needed most all the while keeping the little leaves dry. Another technique practiced and maintained by the Underground Chuckers Network.

These are the beginnings of a ChuckFu manual Mo


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Lol I'm still putting mine off . There's so many smh been doing a little each nite
Same thing here. It's a lot easier as they dry out and you can turn the flowers into mulch with ease but with so many I thought it best to start grinding through.

Here are the last few nights worth:
The BlueRipper mom sure paints the hell out of her beans. These are the few mature keepers that I am salvaging from the rotted bud.
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